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There are mainly three types of traditional wooden boats: Gulet, Aynakic - also called Ketch Gulet, Ketch, and Tirhandil. They are supposed to be the descendants of the ancient sailing boats of the Mediterranean and the Aegean.

Although there is a tendency to name all three types of motorsailers as Gulet, each present different characteristics that can be of vital importance for those who are planning to buy a traditional Aegean wooden boat.

TirhandilTirhandil is thought to be the one that reflects the traditional features of the ancient vessels most among traditional wooden boats. Tirhandil is a double ender, a boat with a pointed stern.


And  Gulet, whose most prominent feature is the rounded aft, provides more deck space compared to Tirhandil.


Along the Aegean and the Mediterranean costs, Tirhandil and Gulet were widely used for sponge diving, carrying cargo and fishing until Blue Voyage became popular.

With the increase in the demand for Blue Voyage, Ketch Gulet, started to gain popularity as the transom end of the vessel allows having extra cabin space under the aft deck.Ketch Gulet

Today, Gulet, Ketch Gulet, and Tirhandil, all three types of traditional wooden boats are built mainly in Bodrum and Marmaris Bozburun combining the old techniques of old hand crafted wooden boats with modern technology, which means boats equipped with the comfort of a five star hotel: spacious deck covered with teak for sunbathing, open lounging or dining, luxurious mahogany cabins with private facitilities, air condition, a galley equipped with all modern appliances.

Every year many people visit Bodrum, Marmaris Bozburun and some other parts of Turkey to have their boats built for their own use or commercial purposes such as chartering for Blue Voyage. Each type has a choice of different cost options, depending on the size and the customers’ specifications.

A potential buyer of such a boat needs to know the characteristics of each boat type to decide a Gulet, a Ketch Gulet or a Tirhandil best suits his or her own needs before searching for a boat builder or boat listings.

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