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Ketch Gulet

Aynakic is also called Ketch Gulet or simply Ketch though they are not necessarily ketch rigged.

ketch-guletThe distinctive feature of Ketch Gulet, compared with Gulet and Tirhandil, is the stern (the back) of the boat, which is flat rather than rounded or pointed. This allows using the area under the aft deck for more cabins or more spacious master cabins.

In recent years, the need for more cabin space in Blue Voyage boats has made Ketch Gulet more popular than Gulet and Tirhandil.

It is possible to see Ketch Gulets from 12 metres up to 40 meters and sometimes even more.

Enjoying a beautiful bay with stunning views with all the luxury of a five star sailing hotel is possible on a Ketch Gulet.

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