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tirhandilTirhandils served Aegean populations for fishing, transport, and sponge diving for ages.

Its double ender design, pointed on both ends distinguishes Tirhandil from Gulet and Ketch Gulet. It is possible to see Tirhandils starting from 8 metres up to 18 metres.

Because of their design and because they are not normally built in lengths like 20 metres or 30 metres, Tirhandil offers less deck space at the back of the boat, and there is not as much space as in Gulets and Ketch Gulets for cabins.

Although they lost some popularity over the years due to the demand for more space for deck and cabins for Blue Voyage, Tirhandils are still the choice of many who are the fans of the design and sailing performance.

And the advance in technology and boat design now helps boat builders, though there not many who build Tirhandils nowadays, to maximise comfort.

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